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Speech and poem from the commemoration service

  From: Tim and Tricia 11/5/2009  

Our Beloved son Anton - you may have left us, but you will live on in our hearts and minds for ever - your love, your dedication, your enthusiasm, your humour, your drive - and your incredible courage that eventully took you from us.

To say "we love you" is totally inadequate.

All our love Son

Mum and Dad


  From: David Chan 11/6/2009  

Anton, my best friend. You were a larger than life character, a free spirit and an adventurer. You always followed your heart, stood up for what you believed in and dared to be different. You lived life to the full and died doing what you enjoyed doing most. You have touched the lives of many and was much loved. You were  unconventional, kind & generous, and had a terrific sense of humour. Your drive and determination in things you did was admirable. Most important of all, you were a great friend and like a brother to me. You will be very sadly missed, always remembered.

Love, David 



  From: Altaf Alidina 11/6/2009  

Anton - my friend and Hero. However little time since we first met about three months back, you have left a permanent scar in my life. You were most kind, strong, and fearless person that i will ever know.

I have often thought rationally as to what makes you so special to me & everytime I end up getting the same answer from myself I dont know maybe its that feeling of sharing moments with you which makes the brief time we spent together just so special.  We shared lots of laughs together. One of my fondest memories was our trip with Anton and Ben to Kilwa, Lindi, Lukula, flying over the Mbarika mountains and Kilosa. We had such fun. I will miss Anton tremendously. 

You made me realise how to look upon this life and the world that we inhibit. Feel proud and happy to have known and met you in this life.  IShall forever remember you and uphold the values that you stood for.......the memories will go on.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" - Martin Luther King Jr

  From: Vanessa Knowlden 11/6/2009  


Anton it makes me so sad to write this to you. I have followed with admiration and pride the work you have been doing with the Selous Project. Your deep passion for conservation and enduring wish to keep safe one of the last wildernesses of Africa was inspiring and remarkable. Anton you embraced life in a way we can but only dream of doing. Your energy, tenacity, courage and love were apparent in everything you did. Anton you leave with all of us an incredible legacy, an eternal flame to keep alive in Selous. I am proud to say you were a friend, a truly wonderful man, you will be missed and loved always, walk tall in the grass my friend.
My dearest love Vanessa x
  From: candice 11/7/2009  

I have known you all of my life.. to be with george in the middle east when the news arrived was the strangest circle of our 3 lives since being together in this sandpit when we were tiny in the early 70's.. I hadn't seen you for a long time.. on skype yes, in emails about game fishing in muscat and how to build a dhow questions, on the phone briefly in cadiar last summer.. but the last time altogether was in the brakes.. I have always descirbed you and george as my surrogate brother and sister.. it feels enormous to think that you are no longer here. Bon voyage. Huge love always, C

  From: JB 11/8/2009  


 Tim and Tricia
It was with a great sense of loss when I heard of your dearest son (Anton) death.
I wanted to let you know that you have my greatest sympathy, and my heart is truly saddened.

(Anton) was more than just a wonderful person; he was always so kind and considerate to all.

And, we know that his passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of all those who knew him.

(Anton) will always remain within our heart, and we have included (Anton) and you in our daily prayers. May God give you strength.

 If there is anything that i can do to help you in anyway, please do not hesitate to call me at anytime. even if it is only to talk.

 My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and all your families.

 With My deepest sympathy,


 All Respect


  From: Marian 11/8/2009  

The power of memory is an ability we are blessed with Anton. My memories of you as a young man, ever the adventurer with a passion for life and the will to explore. The energy and tenacity you gave to life was infectous to all  who were privileged to have known you. You achieved more in your short life than most of us achieve in a lifetime May you wander barefoot through the bush Anton, mapping out the work you so passionately started. Adventurer, visionary, explorer, a gentle man, Hold your head high and catch the wind. with fondest love and memories, Marian xxxx




  From: john and jill 11/8/2009  

What more can be said, Every time we remember our life in Dubai , Tim and Tricia are part of those memories.Every time Tim and Tricia came into our thoughts, so did Anton.Life would not have been half so memorable without you being part of our lives.

What a life you led Anton. We will remember you often and the proud way your parents spoke of you. We know you will leave an enormous gap in all our lives.

  From: Katherine Griffiths 11/9/2009  

What can I say..... Anton made me laugh, cry and see things in a different way. I remember such fun memories of him, camping in the desert, heading off on his desert safari in a beaten old landrover, Army style New Years Eve, helping Tim build a house for a pot bellied big but most of all just being the most kind hearted and loving person I could have met,

You shall be missed greatly but never forgotten. lots of love xx

  From: Bruce Parry 11/9/2009  

 Dear Tim, Trish and Family

I can only imagine how you are all feeling. Such a tragedy, such a loss. 

Brave. Oh so bloody brave was your Anton. I've never known anyone put the likes of myself, Ed, Ben and Peile to shame like your son and brother. He was a living legend and I don't say that lightly.

The act of his end was one of absolute commitment to his job, the people in his charge and an expression of his own lion-heart. He loved Africa and cared deeply for the environment in a way that most urban scientists will never know. The fact that the elephants in that area were so angry was most likely as a result of the terrible pressures that they were under. The same pressures that Anton was trying to release and expose. It is so sad that the poor animal never knew that it was colliding with one of its very own stalwarts. A tragic clash of two of the ultimate forces of nature. Anton will have known exactly what he was doing at that moment and took the impact for the lives of others. So sad - so bloody Anton.

To have forged a life for himself in Africa the way he did was really quite something. I remember leaving the UK with him the day he was emigrating. It was just the two of us and it was oh, so typical of him: one, half-full suitcase (mostly taken up by a crumpled purple-velvet jacket!), and a ripped plastic bag of dirty laundry. I was only going for a short trip and had three times more gear than my emigrating travel companion - oh to be as free as he. Then, to have a go, as an outsider, in the big-mans world of the African Bush is something very few people in the world are capable of - very few indeed. Well, Anton was one of them and not only did he make a success of it but he made a big impact too. I heard his name from independent sources on more than one occasion being spoken of in the most respectful (and often colourful) way. Africa was his home - he knew that from childhood. It is right that he shall always be there.

He was also annoyingly intelligent! I openly admit that in the build up to the making of the series "Tribe" he knew ten times more than me about the local and global problems facing indigenous cultures around the world. I learnt a great deal from him in those days and loved our long chats into the night after everyone else got bored (or confused) by the depth of our probing. We didn't always share views, especially as I grew more confident with my own investigations and experiences, but by god did we put the world to rights and I never tired of his intelligent observations and thoughtful suggestions. He would poke fun at my soft hippy ways while I scoffed at his despotic philosophies. God I will miss his mix of exploratory intelligence and grass roots experience - there are not many who have such a range. It was interesting that we both started on a new spiritual path at a similar time. I'm sad that we never had a chance to explore that more fully, as I am quite sure that we would have agreed on much.

I best got to know Anton in the Danakil Desert. That is where Peile and I were first shocked that such a being could exist. He was just plain tough - often barefoot while I winced at my own discomfort in sandals. He cooked for us daily, sang (so badly) to his camel and generally got stuck-in in a way that I'd never seen previously. I'd never been made to feel lazy on an expedition before, but Anton was able to do it and it became the story I would use to describe him whenever his name came up. Furthermore, he was able to integrate himself with the tribal peoples without any qualms or insecurities. The locals always came to him to if they wanted to talk to "us" and he walked the two worlds with ease. I can honestly say that after the first series of "Tribe" I was a little ashamed inside that I was getting such credit for the programmes when I knew that my mate Anton would have done a better job than I. He probably knew it too but was teasingly magnanimous.

In town he was an enigma. He was mostly oblivious to the plethora of girls who fell hopelessly in love with him. He really was that, "safari guide comes-to-town" Hollywood cliché. I have such a clear visual memory of him stood outside a rush-hour Clapham Junction station. Bare-foot and bare-chested, wearing nothing but a sarong and crystal "mojo" medallion, he effortlessly avoided every week-kneed girls attempt to catch his eye. I was so jealous and at the time and back then didn't quite understand it. His cocktails were legendary as was his ability to swing from chandeliers in respectable restaurants. In truth, he didn't belong in the city - he was completely out of water there - but in his own way he conquered it too. It held no real challenges for him.

Anton will always be remembered. Of that there is no doubt.

If you're there pal - I also remember the love-beads and photon stories too, but they're not for here. Fuck man we had some fun. And I will miss you like the brother and mentor you were.

Bruce Parry

1st November 2009

  From: Kate Wodehouse-Easton 11/9/2009  

I don't know whether I am writing this to Anton or to Tim and Tricia but I do know Anton, you will be truly missed and although it has been a while since I last saw you, I really can't believe that we shall never meet again, until, perhaps.....

How strange life is - Louise tried to contact Anton and then renewed contact with Georgie which is how we heard of Anton's tragic death.   You all know how much our friendship, however intermittent, means to me and my thoughts are with you all at this sad time.

Love and best wishes Kate

  From: Edmund & Helena Sykes 11/9/2009  

We only met Anton twice, with Tim and Trisha in Spain during his European visit when he he was launching his Tanzanian dream project.  Anton totally dominated our gatherings through his sheer personality and enthusiasm.  Within a few moments he could weave a spell around you that was so magic that we were instantly captivated.

We were completely sold on his idea of taking his beautiful dhow on a trading voyage of the Indian Ocean, buying and selling goods at each port. Working up the coast of Africa, crossing to the Yemen and down to India to catch the trade winds back to Tanzania.  Inside of an hour we were already committed, neither the money (he wanted none), nor the reality mattered, this was a chance for something that was truly "once in a lifetime" with someone whose presence made you feel both excited and safe.

Could someone who knows the detail please publish the events that led up to the death of a man in his prime with so much going for him and so little to be said against him?  His last moments were obviously heroic, protecting his clients from the very danger that they had paid to get close to.  I believe that it would save his parents a great deal of pain if people like us did not have to ask them.

God be with you Tim and Trisha in your hours of despair.

  From: David Mallam 11/9/2009  

 We know Tricia and Tim, and only met Anton a couple of times, but can say that Anton had huge get up and go and unlimited charm and courage.  Our tribute goes also to T & T, who did so much to forge Anton and help him in his life.

Carolyn and David

  From: Jim Turner 11/9/2009  

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Anton's untimely death.  I knew Anton when we served together in the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters in Tidworth, Canada and Bosnia.  He was an extremely entusiastic, popular and I think it's fair to say unconventional officer who made a real contribution to our Battalion.  Whatever the circumstances, Anton's take on a particular topic was likely to be different from everyone else's; he always seemed to have some surprising scheme in the offing and there was usually fun to be had when he was around.

I offer my very sincere sympathy to Anton's family and friends.  God bless.

  From: John Jenny Catchpole 11/9/2009  

From John and Jenny

Dear Tim and Tricia,

We are truly saddened at the tragic news of Anton and can only imagine the terrible sense of loss for you both of an exceptional young man.

Anton has always had a special place in our hearts. Fond memories of a carefree chap who was kind, considerate and had an incredible zest for life and the outdoors.  Not for Anton the shackles of a conventional life - he followed his dream in the wilds of Africa with tremendous passion and compassion. We followed his exploits with keen interest and know he made you extremely proud of his achievements. 

Anton, a great privilege to have known you.  A void in our lives -  the wonderful memories of you will live on.......




  From: Bob Thompson 11/9/2009  

Dear Tim and Tricia,

I cannot imagine your sense of loss; my thoughts are with you at this difficult time.  Tim, we only met in passing when you were transiting through Control Risks offices in '05.  Anton and I however, served together in the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment in the mid '90s.  I was also lucky enough to cross paths with Anton again when he was passing through Nigeria a few years ago.

My memories of Anton are all happy and jovial ones that generally culminated in us getting into youthful trouble!  He was a true officer, gentleman and leader of men.  He will be sorely missed by all those who knew him, as Anton had that rare and unique quality of leaving his mark wherever he went.

Please take solace in the number of people’s lives that Anton has touched and how highly he was regarded by all that were lucky enough to meet him.

Yours, Bob.

  From: Jeremy & Annie-Paule 11/10/2009  

Dearest Tim & Tricia,

We cried together but this was so natual. I was greatly honoured to become Anton's God Father and later enjoyed dwelling in his shadow.I like to think that between us - Tim & I - proved there was more fun outside the Army. We were all trained to make our own way but Anton took the biggest steps.So many different adventures around the world, who could not admire and envey such freedom!

I last saw Anton on holiday in Oman taking a break from Iraq. It was no surprise that after a few nights in our spare room he bought a large water container to sustain an expedition surf fishing off Masirah. He caught enough to keep us 'in fish' for many months.

So, far better to end your days on your own terms, taking ones chances but not being exposed to enamies you didn't deserve.

We all thought to meet one day in Africa, so all we can do is reminise and pray for those you left behind. Anton as usual is leading our lifes expedition!

All our love and thoughts,

Jeremy & Annie-Paule.

  From: sandie Maylor 11/10/2009  

My heart goes out to Tricia and Tim and Georgie and family. Anton Was one of the nicest, most genuine people I know. He was a great friend over the years and I can’t believe I wont laugh with him again, or get to hear about yet another adventure. He lived life to the ultimate, with zest and a great spirit, he always listened and encouraged me to ‘go for it’ too. His wackiness was endearing, as was the fact that he was the kind of person who gave everyone value, regardless of who they were or where they were from.

When I think of Anton I think of the funny flares that were his dad’s from the 70s (the first time we met I was presented with this vision), his sarong around his waist, his sandals with his jeans(!) and his love of exotic food stuffs, alongside his favourite gunpowder tea. From his passing out parade at Sandhurst, to the fun we had at Dave Chan's wedding, to him dressing up as a vicar complete with a home-made collar(!), for a fancy dress New Year’s eve murder-mystery party - all these things make me smile when I think about Anton.

You will be missed dearly Anton, but never forgotten.

 Lots of love,

 Sandie xxx

  From: Deanna Coelho 11/10/2009  

Anton, I remember you each time I enter my room and look at my chest of drawers that you cleaned and painted with so much patience.
Your humorous jokes are greatly missed!!

God give comfort to your loved ones.

  From: WO2 James Bashford 11/10/2009  

RIP Tanky, say hello to the rest of the guys up there.

  From: Alan Derbyshire 11/10/2009  

The Derby Branch of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regimental Association extend their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Lt Anton Turner on their sad loss loss.


  From: Robert Scott 11/10/2009  

Dear Tim and Tricia

I am so sorry to hear of your son Anton's passing. I do recall him serving in B Coy of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters for a short period and always remember bumping into him on the odd occasion after his short trips away, which were always a good time for a chat and a catch up.

My thoughts are with you at this time.

Regards - Robert Scott (ex WO2 1 WFR)

  From: Remi and Rosa Camacho 11/10/2009  

Hey Anton, it was a ride to know you. We always admired your drive and way to see life. We enjoyed the times we spend together. You will be missed but not forgotten. See in Heaven. Thanks the Lord to give me the opportunity to meet you.

  From: Joe Ball 11/10/2009  

There are precious few heroes in this world, Anton you were one of them!


Befitting how you came to pass, thick in adventure, protecting those vulnerable in an environment you became master, saving not yourself but others without a moments pause.



It was an honour and privilege growing up with you in the middle east which certainly bestowed us with some fantastic adventures and life challenges, of which, I'd not have had if it wasn't for you instigating and leading the way.

To find myself wandering with you and watching someone so at one with nature, the passion and massive appetite to explore was truly awe inspiring.


You gave me so much during those adolescent years, what better friend and idol figure to have had during the becoming of a young man.


To the Army we both found ourselves, how well you dealt with military life, adaptive, determined, never was your free spirit held fast, how could it have been?

Crossing paths during the Bosnia conflict. I witnessed how well you'd crafted the skill to motivate and lead men. Had you been by my side and if the moment had presented, I'd have charged with ease into any battle.


Anton now, as you always did, lead the way to the next journey, the new adventure; carve that path for us all.

All the best my friend, see you on the other side where I expect nothing less than a plethora of exciting new stories.


  From: emma avery 11/11/2009  

Dear Tim, Trish and Family,

I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear of the news of Anton. 

I worked with anton in 2000 when he was a leader with Trekforce Expeditions in Belize.  Anton was a truely inspirational leader, a man who felt so at ease with the jungle environments and all its elements.   

His courage, passion and enthusiasm for life will never be forgotten!

Emma & Kenny






  From: Al Ball 11/12/2009  

This morning I've been remembering that marvellous trip that Anton and Dave made to East and Central Africa. The kit being loaded into the Land Rover and the quite irrevlevant tips for maintenance for what that machine was going to be put through. The reports that came back of their adventure and journey and the number of punchers they had to repair in the thorn bush of the Kalahari and the scrape they had at some border post. The return to Dubai of the cut down version of the original Land Rover, that Anton continued to drive off into the desert on camping trips. I also remember the job that he had diving in the Dry Dock to place bulks of timber under ship's hulls; something not for the faint hearted.

So it seems the die was cast for a life of adventure, through Sandhurst, parachuting in Dubai with the CMC, Northern Ireland and Bosnia. We next met Anton at the Brakes while he was at University and he had the same enthusiasm for his studies as for his adventures. Since then we've watched as he's crossed the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia on video and the Globe from Bengal, Iraq, Dafal and Nigeria but always drawn back to East Africa. Here in the bush he honed his skills for the life he must have dreamt of years ago and for what was to be his destiny.

Anton had the courage and determination to live a life we could only dream of but he did that in an unassuming and unique way that never changed him from when we first knew him in Dubai. Truly, he's a legend and in his passing a hero. It's an honour to remember those moments I had living the dream with him.




  From: Mark Gillett 11/12/2009  

Hi Anton,

When we met last winter for the first time since you were about 14 I saw that you had realised your dream.  The one you always talked about when I knew you and your family in Dubai.  To realise a dream is a huge achievement as so many never do in their entire life time.  Your life as we know it has ended but certainly not your life.  Your legacy is, I know, huge.  Your life with us was colourful to say the least.  

Anton, your family inspired me in many of my ventures too and without your dads crazy ventures to the desert I am not sure if I would have the passion for it as I do now.  He is a true inspiration and you have followed in his steps.  Anyone who knows you has been affected by your enthusiasm and passion.  You have touched many people, I know and will continue to do so, so keep up the good work mate, even from that other place you have gone on to for now.  You will be sorely missed down here but I know you will continue to inspire.  

Cheers for now...



  From: Ben Murrell 11/12/2009  

What can you say at a time like this, especially after all that has been said before.

We first met in Nigeria a few years ago and have been firm friends ever since, we worked, trained and drank together and on many occasions times ran out of money together. 

Anton made a huge impression on me and made me a better person, opening my eyes and hart and changing my outlook on life in so many ways. His sense of the moment - getting naked in a bar where you really shouldn't. His sense of self - wearing a sarong and flip flops in the lobby of a 5 star hotel with out a care in the world. His sense of humour - fooling our friend into believing we were making a porn film with him as the lead actor. His tenacity - trying to dead lift twice his body weight just to outdo me. and his sense of humanity - in just to many ways to mention.

Anton I think of you often and you continue to inspire me, I will try to pass the inspiration you gave me to my young son and hope that in some small way a spark of you lives on in him. I will miss you mate, Ben..

  From: Beanie 11/12/2009  

I did not know Anton quite as well as many here, yet still he is central to some of my most fond memories of the past 25 years or so. I recall his innovative “people-carrier gymnastics” in the Algarve, the cracking New Year’s celebration he hosted in Shropshire in the early ‘90s, and his single-handed responsibility for converting me to whisky in a now legendary display as best man at Mr. Chan’s wedding! He was always fun, always kind and always 100% his own man. What a fabulous character! Rest in peace Anton. Beanie.

  From: saskia bali 11/12/2009  

To Anton

I wiil never forget you,i wish we coud all wake up and say this is just a dream.

We all miss you lots:( and will never forget you.

xxxmiss youxxxxxxxxxxsaskiaxx

  From: Robin Dine 11/12/2009  

Dear Tim and Tricia,

It is so moving to read these tributes, and to regret so much that we did not have the great privilege of meeting your son. We both grew up reading Thesiger, and hearing of Anton's expedition with his comrades to follow Thesiger's 1933 journey in Danakil country, he sounded as though he was like Thesiger, a man out of his time, with a commitment to the people he travelled among.

We didn't meet him, simply because he spent so much of his life doing similar things - and he filled his life with so many achievements.

What we know is that the bond between you was unbreakable, and he will always be with you. It is small comfort, but to know of his bravery, his disregard for his own safety, and his instinctive impulse to protect others can only strengthen the knowledge that he was doing what he loved, and without compromise.

'Ujanadume', lala salama

Robin and Pippa Dine

  From: Amira 11/12/2009  

Anton, you dared to dream and go after your dreams.  I am so happy you got to do everything you wanted and you achieved so much, but I always knew you would.

You were a great part of my life and wonderful memories will live on.

Love forever


  From: Robin Keyte 11/12/2009  

I first met Anton playing rugby at the age of 9 or 10. In spite of being fairly small and slight at that age he played flanker because he was never afraid to hunt for the ball no matter how big or burly the opposition were.

My most enduring memory of Anton is of his extraordinary performance as best man at David Chan's wedding, getting the better of a whole room of male guests who thought they might be able to drink him under the table.

He was always wonderful to catch up with and definitely one of the "good guys".

I shall always remember him fondly.


  From: Marian 11/13/2009  

Tim Tricia Georgina Claudia Saskia Caius

I hope and pray that the tributes here to Anton will give you

comfort today and in the coming weeks months and years to come.

Lament not for his passing

For he will be by your side

Though he treads softly

He will always be here

His footprint will always remain.

Thinking of you today and always love always Marian xxxxxx

  From: Clews Everard 11/13/2009  

My dear Tim and Trish

By a strange quirk of fate I am now living in Muscat and Candice is a great friend however I heard the very sad news when I was in Dubai.

I have vivid memories of Anton when we were in Dubai and always thought he was destined for great things.   From these wonderful tributes he certainly achieved that and much more. 

I cannot begin to imagine your loss and whatever words I write will always be woefully inadequate but for what it is worth, you and Georgie are in my thoughts and prayers. 

With love





  From: sean 11/13/2009  


God bless sweet dreams my friend (and brother) See you on the otherside some dayxxxxxxxxxbut not just yet.......


  From: Brendan Turner 11/13/2009  

Dear Uncle Tim , Trish , Georgie and family,

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of my cousin Anton. Living in Australia and being so far away it was a shame I didn't get to know him better and go on one of his safaris.

Having an interest in  war history I was really impressed with what he had achieved in his military career. The SAS's loss was Tanzania's gain !



Brendan Turner.

  From: Fi Cresswell 11/14/2009  

Anton, from all accounts i think it's fair to say that in your 38 years you really lived more than many people do in 138 years. You have been a great friend, leader, entertainer and inspiration to so many people in that time. So human and yet so superhuman. I'm eternally grateful to you for the precious memories and for your unbeleivable courage on that fateful day. I do hope you're enjoying your next adventure just as much as you did this one.

Wonderful Turner family, Sara and bump you're in my thoughts every day and i will continue to send you all my love.






  From: Angie and Fred Coelho. 11/15/2009  

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Anton in Tanzania and the Seychelles. He was such a gentleman with such charm. He seemed to be able to talk to anyone about anything. It was obvious that he loved what he did and it was always fascinating to talk to him, his passion and modesty were equally inspiring. Even though we only knew him for a short time, we have very fond memories of him. We are so very sorry to hear of his passing.

  From: David Lewis 11/15/2009  
  From: David Lewis 11/15/2009  

I had the pleasure to work with Anton in Lagos Nigeria for around 12 months when we both worked on the MTN contract. What a character, gentlemen who will be sadly missed by all. 

I have some great photos that may fade in time but better still some great memories that will never fade. Anton I never did master speaking Arabic but we laughed trying!


Dave Lewis


  From: Jessie Camacho 11/16/2009  
I am at a loss of words to hear the news about Anton. I can't believe it! I met Anton while participating on CBS's Survivor. He was our security person. I fell in love with his passion for Africa and the bush so much that I stayed in Africa for a month and a half to work on a project with him in the border of Kenya & Tanzania. That stay changed my life! Anton showed me what Africa was about, how to snorkel in Mombasa, how to track animals in the bush, and how to live! Later, he visited me in the States. He brought nothing but a few shirts, green army sort of pants, and lots of kikoys. He actually tried wearing them out. He just didn't understand why he couldn't. So we went shopping at Ross. I've never laughed so hard. Every morning Anton would get up and ride his the bicycle. He had no idea where he was going or sometimes how to get back, but he kept at it until he found his way around. He would wake up every morning at around 4am to make shakes. It was crazy! In Puerto Rico he was nicknamed "TARZAN". He definitely left his mark there. He was the party of any party. People gravitated towards him. He was so captivating.
He tried to live a life outside of Kenya by picking up a job in London, but he wasn't happy and to the bush he left again. He wrote when he could and shared some of his moments with me, sending photos, and even calling at times. We saw each other again about 3 years ago in Spain. He had just bought a small place there. We went on a car trip and ended up in Pamplona for the running of the bulls. Yep, he ran it! He had no fear, a true adrenaline follower. There was nothing he was afraid of.
I heard from him again later. He was in Texas at a convention trying to promote safaris. He was living in Tanzania. He talked to me about going to Africa again. I'm so mad and sad now that I didn't take his offer and just Go! Life is so short!
Anton you changed my life completely. I will miss you tremendously. You have touched everyone around you and you will always have a special place in my heart. I love you!
To his parents, Tim and Tricia,  who I met as well in the States, and his family my condolences! I hope we cross paths again someday.
Jessie Camacho
  From: Briget Baker via King's OA Club 11/16/2009  

In the summer of 1988 my late husband, Michael, led a group of six King’s boys and four adults on a six week adventure journey to Venezuela and Brazil. Anton was one of the party. I also went and got to know Anton well. Although it is 21 years since I last saw him, I remember Anton fondly: He was cheeky and mischievous and I can visualise him clearly hanging like a monkey from a bus shelter roof in Brazil, much to the amazement of the locals.

My most vivid memory was of walking across a river on a narrow causeway as the bridge had been swept away. I slipped right into the water; the current was strong; it was Anton who without a moment’s hesitation jumped in and hauled me out. Thank you Anton.
I send my deepest sympathy to all Anton’s family and friends.
Bridget Baker
3 November 2009
  From: Dennis Weaver 11/16/2009  

What can I say that already hasn't been said.

What a guy.

I first met Anton properly when he joined C Company in Bosnia in 1996, and straight away he stood out as a one off, when he was born, sadly the mould was broken and there will never be another like him. He got up to many antics, including sleeping outside the accomodation (an old factory complex) in a tent rather than sleeping inside. He always said it was better out there under the stars, although i think it also may have been done to wind up the OC, along with walking around the complex we were in barefoot all the time. He was a great guy to speak to, and was always ready to offer advice not matter what the problem was. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing, but am sure that wherever he is now, he will be commanding respect and making an impression that will not be forgotten as he did in life.

RIP mate.


  From: Limpopo Travel - Denmark 11/17/2009  

It is with the greatest sadness that we heard that Anton shall never again guide our clients to unforgetable safari experiences in Tanzania. We also had the privilige of having Anton on our Scandinavian roadshow a few years ago, and he was simply great company not only during workhours but certainly also during our get-together parties in the evenings.

The whole staff at Limpopo Travel send their warmest regards to Anton's family

  From: Iain and Jane Galloway 11/17/2009  

Tim and Trish lived next door to us in Catterick Garrison when Anton was about 2 years old. Anton was often in our house with our children. Whatever was said Anton would stand his ground and say "My Daddy dot one of dose" - Tim was Anton's outright hero!

On the occasions over the years when Tim and I have met it was very obvious that the situation had turned around. and Anton was Tim's hero! 

I met Anton as a teenager in Dubai and again when he was at Sandhurst. He would tackle anything! He was totally fearless. I did not meet Anton after that, but I heard a little of his exploits, and reading the tributes Anton was undoubtly a hero in life and, Oh so sadly, in death.  

Tim, Trish and Georgie we are so, so sorry to hear of this tradgedy.

With our love to you and the family,

Iain, Jane, Duncan, Kate and Fiona.

  From: Erroll & June Bateman 11/17/2009  

Dear Tim, Trish and----Anton.

Despite not being able to see you old son, we know that along with all who knew you, especially those good folk above - to whom this note is sent, you'll remain in hearts for ever.

Tim & Trish: Because he is what he is, the stories about him have no doubt become apochryfal, but here's a true one that may lighten your hearts at such a time as this:-

It ocurred in Dubai some 25 years ago. Anton & our youngest daughter Charlie, were attending a teenage "thrash". He had fallen into the host's swimming pool, there to lie comotose on the bottom - "ratted". Charlie who is no mean swimmer dived in and heaved him out. (maybe the 1st of his 9 lives - we believe he was 14!) On meeting him many years later up in Northumberland, along with Ed & Sarah and being reminded of it, he said---"Christ yes, all I remember is Dad pouring black coffee down my throat and telling me I was a bloody fool!"

Of such is the lad. It was a pleasure and privilege to have known him. Whenever you are in UK, or via Ed - we are in Dubai or Muscat, would dearly like to meet you both again and convey, that which notes such as this, never can; proper understanding.


Erroll & June  

  From: Mary-Ann 11/17/2009  

We met Anton while his parents stayed with us in South Africa and was so impressed with this warm hearted, nature loving person.

Lots of love to all his family

  From: John 11/18/2009  
  From: Frank, Loes, Tessa and Lara 11/19/2009  

Dear Tim, Tricia, Georgie, Dan, Claudia, Saskia and Caius,

We are so sorry to read about the passing of Anton. Never met him, but obviously very loved by all of you. Reading all the tributes lets us even more know what a special guy he was.

Our thoughts are with you all.

Lots of love from Frank, Loes, Tessa and Lara

  From: claudia hines 11/19/2009  

my dear uncle

 So many thoughts,
in my head.
So many things,
left unsaid.
You left that day,
without a glance.
Never knowing God,
wasn't giving you a second chance.
What was in your head,
the last moments you had.
I hope you though happy thoughts,
and not sad.
No one can evertake your place.
Your image in my heartwill never erase.
As you smile one me from up above.
My mind is still sadbut my heart is filled with love.
I love you dear uncle you meant the world to me.
I'll always make you proud of me you will see.

  From: Cassie 11/19/2009  

Anton Turner was the most amazing person i have ever met and the two weeks that i spent with him were the best two weeks of my life.he made them incredibly special and i feel incredibly privalliged and greatful that i got to meet someone like him.He taught me lots and i dont think i will ever forget him .I think i speak for all the team when i say that he was hero ,we all miss him incredibly and im going to make sure that everyone i know will know how incredibly he was and how much he inspired me to do so many things in life.R.I.P Anton i will never forget you and you sarongs.


  From: ashleigh 11/19/2009  

i think its fair to say that i've never met anyone like anton before. he ispired me and everyone else to go far in life and opened my eyes to a bigger world. the times we spent with him was absolutley priceless and i don't think any of the team would ahve wanted a better leader, guide and pen.

you're a hero anton and an inspiration to absolutley everybody including myself. you're the bravest person i've ever met and i'll never forget the night in Pemba where you spoke words that has changed me for the better, so thankyou.

you'll always be in our hearts forever and for always, ashleigh xxxx

p.s i hope your wearing your beads, flip flops and kokoy up there :)

  From: Mimy (Jemima Scott-Holland/Barton) 11/22/2009  


Anton will always be out there somewhere in the desert for me.
We’d not see him for months and even years and then he’d rock up in Wimbledon in his flip flops during a snowfall.
And he’d always arrive just in time for a party! Perfect.
At school Anton saved my hide on many occasions, I remember he volunteered to make the mince pies with the 3rd formers in my place when I had refused on grounds of sexism...and then the fabulous outfits he and Dave Chan wore for Comic Relief – he was a very unlikely lady! I think he even went so far as to shave his legs for that one.
I have pictures in the UK of the two of them all dolled up when I next go back I will scan them and post them here with a few others.
He took me to my first nightclub (Ronnie Scots in Soho) with John Cross where he all but jumped on the stage. Then I think he remembered he’d smuggled two underage drinkers in and calmed it down a bit!
Then there was that amazing ball in Arras to commemorate the disbanding of the regiment, everyone was so tipsy by the end it took several of us to get his boots off!
Of course there were the amazing weekends at The Brakes, mixing fresh air with highly competitive croquet and feasts in the basement. I am not sure what Tricia’s guests thought about us all rampaging about!
One of my favourite evenings was in the Blue Elephant in Richmond just before I left for Asia, good thai food, Anton, Bob Ryan and a few very scared waiters…it was a great night. I’m not sure how long Bean had to avoid that restaurant afterwards!
I can’t believe he won’t be turning up in Hong Kong one of these days. Flip flops would have been far more appropriate here than in cold, grey London.
I will always cherish and laugh at the memories.
It is tragic there won’t be more.
Love and best wishes to all who loved him
  From: Anthony Russell 11/22/2009  


From Anthony Russell:

We spent a lot of time together on the river at Shompole. I taught Anton about tracks and live drills, range shooting that we did together. Tracking and sneaking up to elephant, buffalo and lion and on one occasion a lone leopard. I showed him how to use his own .458 and got him his gun licence here in Kenya. We played 'bushmen' together, sometimes sliding around in the mud or skidding on our arses down the river in inner tubes, or in the hot springs of lake Natron, and eating lots of goats with the Maas. He taught us how to do lots of good exercises-which we still all do today. We, ( the Maasai and I) taught Anton about closed and open bushland work. He learnt Maasai in 2 months-could count to 10 on fingers ( which is used in Maa language) and in words.
We set Anton up on the river with the mandate to clear the river of log jams, cut walking paths and get the area ready for tourism. He had all the time he wanted in the world.  He employed a deaf and a dumb Maasai and trained them as boatmen using sign language.( of all people!) His best mate Salim Montet helped him set up a sweet little camp on the river- which we used, and enjoyed immensely. A few tourist came through, but more so the camp was not full and for fun for people to come there from the lodge for high tea or a romp about in the canoes on the river, or a beer around the fire with Anton. Nothing too serious- and not such a good way to run a business, but that wasn’t the point, the point was that Anton got his training, enjoyed himself and immersed himself into nature, tourists were secondary.
Anton came back to the lodge occasionally, but most of the time he spent at his beloved Ewaso Ngiro River area, barefoot, eating ugali and beans and cutting tracks and tracking animals and living with the staff there. Occasionally he would come up for air looking pallid, and we would have to de-worm him, or de malarize him, or take bits of wood and thorns out of his feet.  I joined Anton when i could, and we had great tracking time getting close to lion and smaller game, both in the canoes and on foot in the thick bushlands on the river, getting Anton  used to using the wind and being careful to avoid the hippos in the little river no wider than 15 foot and we would recount events, analyze them, see how we could have been more efficient in tracking or being more alert to the wind. Or the absolute success of sneaking up to game totally unnoticed and living in these wonderful cocoon- like moments where the warm African sun sets and the fire brings us all together, where all are equal as we share it’s comforting warmth. Anton loved these quiet moments which were much suited to his quiet soul and sensitive side of living in these moments. It’s what we all want. He had it and he used it.

One day we were onto elephant tracks in the thick bush and I said what we will do is go upstream quickly, get ahead of them  where we think they will come out to the river for a drink, we will sit and wait silently. We got upstream and sat in a good position, with the wind in our faces and silently watched the white throated bee eater birds come down and scoop water up on the wing, then suddenly one bird came in too fast and dropped into the water, struggled to fly out when a massive whirlpool appeared under it and two long feeler whiskers poked up from the surface and the bird simply disappeared- into the cavernous mouth of a catfish- Anton looked at me, and whispered, 'now that's life!' ...It was a moment that we were never to forget.... The elephant did not appear and we made our way back to camp. Anton truly enjoyed this little piece of Africa and it was ''Anton’s Kingdom''  He was lovingly referred to by all the Maasai as 'Anton Too' (2) as my buddy and what a fucking cool buddy he was. Absolutely generous, absolutely loyal, impeccably perfect, hard working and above all else enjoying himself tremendously. The light in his eyes glittered with happiness at the simple things in life as he knew what they were and could add what they meant to him. That’s a huge secret of life few people can process and see.

Everyone loved Anton there. He had endless energy, spirit and solutions. He has left a lot of sad Maasai Friends. They wept when they heard the news and all said he went the way a Warrior wanted to and will go. They say Warriors don't back down. They say Warriors protect the children and women. They said Anton lived in the skin of the animals and that he wanted to be into them and accepted by them and he was passionate about the peoples that lived cheek to jowl with wild animals. He loved the radical idea of the locals sharing our business and making money from it. He loved their culture. They loved his attitude, kindness, understanding, strength and funnily enough, his tough sweetness.

Anton suddenly appeared one day- long after his river kingdom days,  just when we were organizing a rock concert- i think it was when he went to Spain and ran with the bulls- and immediately we got him to work on the stage and security- and the bar. We pulled off an amazing event, the world’s best known billionaires came to dance and others to play to our Maasai rock music. Anton was loving it. Anton didn't care who they were- it was just all fun for him and his Maasai Mates.

I will always miss Anton and all our people of Shompole will too. I can’t go back to the river without thinking of Anton-but we will, all the people whom knew him, we will camp on his spot and will gorge on goat meat, we will celebrate his spirit left with us. He left an imprint of his energy on all he touched, visited, spoke to and just had been with. He lived in his moments, moment by moment where he was most happy. I believe he is there now living in that moment and smiling.

  From: Greg du Toit 11/23/2009  

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come ALIVE." Howard Thurman

Anton was certainly an man that was fully alive! My wife and I met him during the months that he spent on the Ewaso Ngiro River in Kenya's southern rift valley. Anton had volunteered to help clear the river of log jams and prepare the way for canoe safaris. During the time we knew Anton he guided guests visiting Shompole Lodge, on foot, bicycle and canoe! His love for adventure was unyielding and he once took guests all the way up the Loita escarpment! I recall with a smile, how Anton would come to dinner at our 5 star lodge still dripping wet from his shower and wearing only a kikoy! Our guests were taken aback but always, the Anton charm would win them over. Anton would spend weeks in the bush living and eating with the local Swahili and Maasai. He never bothered the lodge for food or comforts, which bears testimony to him being an authentic and hardcore bush boy! He would however, magically appear at the lodge whenever we had a fashion shoot and graciously offer to assist wherever possible haha! Anton was one of those guys who was always willing to help and there were times at the lodge when we had a large group and requested his expert guiding skills. Not only would he guide but he would assist anywhere help was needed. We often had no bed for him and he would happily sleep outside on a pool lounger!!! Recalling some of these memories, I am reminded that beautiful beings like Anton are indeed rare and it is a great shame that Africa has lost such a gem and at such a young age. Anton had many outstanding qualities but the one that I treasure the most is his ability and willingness to accept and respect all individuals for who they are! To quietly, gently and skillfully assist those around him! He never dominated despite having the intelligence and strength to do so! He however, never failed to impact those around him and never failed to bring life and joy... 

Anton you were a gentleman and a giant and I am only grateful that we met and shared a brief moment of our lives together. Knowing that the world is without you, that you are not out there somewhere conquering and encouraging, saddens our hearts. Remembering how you lived brings us immense joy!

Best Regards

Greg and Claire du Toit

(Shompole Lodge managers 2004 - 2006)

  From: Sudhir Gupta 11/23/2009  

What to say about Anton Turner, the words continue to elude us. Our
paths crossed so very recently, only three years back in Kenya, we
met for a few days - and immediately upon meeting we were captured by
his vast breath of knowledge, his sincerity and overflowing generous
heart.  He was truly a Soul to be inspired by.  All that he had achieved
in his short 38 years boggles the mind.  His dedication to life and
service, there are no words.  There are some people who you meet maybe
once, twice or thrice - the quality of that time, forms lifelong bonds
of friendship, family and love.  Anton was one of those people for us.

It is so cruel and unusual that such a beautiful Soul was ripped out of
our lives so very soon.  You were in India in February and we made so many plans for the future and were truly looking forward to a lifetime adventures but now they will remain memories and are really so sad that those wishes will remain unfulfilled.

What else to say about Anton, except we loved you so very much and will miss you even more.  You are forever in our hearts and are so greatful that our paths crossed, no matter how short of a time we had together.

With Love and Fond Memories.  

Sudhir, Nisha, Sukriti & Varun Gupta

Anton, you had always called me Bhai (brother) and greeted me with a Hari Om.  My Bhai, where ever you are, a big and heart felt Hari Om to you.  Sudhir

  From: Pen de Vries 11/23/2009  

" Nothing ventured is nothing gained" These are the words that struck me when I met Anton for the first time in Dar es Salaam. I could see the passion for Africa, the bush, the animals and the people, gleaming in his eyes and he couldn't hide his excitement for the great adventure of crossing the Mbarika Mountains in the southern Selous. His enthusiam was infectious and I knew that I was ready to to join him on this expedition.

Everyday out on our daily treks he was encouraging and supportive, checking if everybody was doing alright and always with a smile on his face. We talked a fair bit about our own hopes and aspirations and sharing a common passion,we even thought about doing something together, hiking trails in the Mbarika's  was one suggestion or taking people out into unseen and untouched places of Africa, anything that was not conventional or commercial.

This all just epitomises the character and nature of Anton, spirit of adventure, kind natured, open hearted,brave heart and a larger than life character.  

Anton you are a brave and unselfish man and we will all miss you dearly. Your legacy and sacrifice will be celebrated and  remembered in our hearts and minds forever.God speed my friend and I am sure we shall meet again on the other side.  

Pen de Vries  

  From: John Moller 11/24/2009  
  From: Ed Swales 11/24/2009  


From John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Mr Valiant for Truth:
Then said he, I am going to my Father’s; and though with great difficulty I have got hither, yet now I do not repent me of all the trouble I have been at to arrive where I am. My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage, and my courage and skill to him that can get it. My marks and scars I carry with me, to be a witness for me that I have fought His battles who will now be my rewarder. When the day that he must go hence was come, many accompanied him to the river-side, into which as he went, he said, “Death, where is thy sting?” And as he went down deeper, he said, “Grave, where is thy victory?” So he passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.
Rest in Peace old son
  From: John Moller 11/24/2009  

What can I say....I never thought I would be doing this, writing a tribute to a dear friend and fellow professional hunter, but alas another brave man has gone on to the eternal hunting grounds.  He has a great group of scoundrals with him up there who I am sure are making him feel very welcome and leading him astray.


Anton always lived his life to the fullest, in a very gentleman like and humanitarian way.  He had class that is for sure and made challenging situations seem easy.  Nothing phased him.  The fact that he gave his life to save the lives of others, just goes to show what a man he really was.  That is what legends are made of, and he is one, and I am proud to have known him and call him my friend.


To you his family, I mourn his loss with you.  I cannot even dare comprehend the sadness you are going though.  But know this, you both raised a tremendous individual, one who always sought to make you proud.  He was kind, generous to a fault, and a loyal friend to us all who had the priviledge of his friendship.  His memory will live on and we will all make sure that he is not forgotten.  How can you eulagise a man who gave his life for others, other than to say, what a hero, what a man, what a legend.  As sad as you all are, your son because of you both, was an amazing man, and I am sure that you are as proud of him as all of us, his friends are.


I will miss the humor Anton me ol' mate.  Till we meet again...

  From: matt 11/24/2009  


i am eternally grateful for what you gave me, you showed me that life is to short to let pass you bye and that everyday should be lived to the full. i can not ever express how much you did for us, you saved my life, how can i thank you enough. For those who where lucky enough to meet  you and be able to call you a friend, those people dont no how lukcy they to have known you, everyone who ever met you likes you for who you are, i aspire to be just like you anton,

you are my hero.

you will live forever in our hearts,

i hope that one day i will be lukcy enough to meet with you again, until then goodbye anton, my hero.

  From: Dave, Emma & Tilly Cullen 11/25/2009  

This was my speech at Anton's commemoration service

Anton C Turner – RIP

This is not supposed to be an obituary nor a summary of Anton's life – it ws far too large and full a life for that. I wanted though to write a few words to try and capture Anton's life in relation to our friendship and what that encompassed, as much as anything to make sense of my own grief and that of the circle of friends we shared. I'd been lucky enough to know Anton for 25 years and some, James here included, first met Anton over 30 years ago. As another friend said he and Anton were 2 little expat 7 year olds when they met; one was scared and one wasn't and Anton's courage gave Rich strength.
Anton made friends wherever he went in life and given the nature of his life many of his friends have not met each other or met only occasionally. Yet his life touched us all and his death has demonstrated the size of his prescence by the hole it has left. Which is for someone who was – by his own admission – fairly rubbish at keeping in touch, even more suprising.
So what was it about Anton, that despite not having seen him for over a year, made me consider him one of my closest friends. We met at thirteen – I can remember being hugely intimidated even before I met him: he was a week late arriving to school but by the general concensus of all that knew him from prep school Anton was the coolest dude around. The reality could not have been further from the image my mind had built up. Because whilst he was undoubtdetly cool it wasn't studied; whilst he was hugely popular he never courted popularity; and if, even at 13 his cheeky grin, lack of regard for convention and effortless charm drew schoolmates to him, it was his infectious and relentless energy and determination to “do” that swept us up with him. “Come on Dave, let's learn the saxaphone and become buskers“; “Let's sneak out of the boarding house, commando crawl between the search lights and then sneak back in – all just for the hell of it” “Dave, why don't we go swimming in a freezing cold lake on Dartmoor on Christmas day after a huge boozy Christmas lunch and then go for 3 hour hike – it'll be fun”. And we did. And it was.
I'm sure we can all insert our own annecdote about the crazy things he managed to persuade each of us to do. And as he got older, his horizons grew larger but his passion for life remained childlike and I mean that as a sincere compliment. Most of his life his over arching passion was for his beloved Africa. Most things he did were an attempt to get closer to Africa. The trip that he and Dave Chan took together in a Land Rover straight after we fininshed school was the first adult taste but it simply left him wanting more. For those of us in conventional life he wowed us with tales of madcap Army escapades, African trekking and hunting and much more – all told usually only hours after we knew he was in the country.
The conversations usually went something along the lines of:
Hey Dave, how're you, it's Anton.” Hi Anton, where are you? I'm at Waterloo and there's a train down to yours that leaves in 5 minutes, can I come and stay for a night / a week, a month or six?” And somewhere in the stay he would always try and persuade me to do something extreme – often involving walking and Africa. To my regret I never took him up on any of his offers – in fact I never saw him in Africa – although this was not entirely my fault. On the one occsion my wife and I made plans to come out and visit him in Kenya he ended up being out of the country – his life was like that: i think that sometimes his ideas even took him by suprise.
To many people this behaviour might mark him as an uncaring friend but he was anything but. He loved people and was demonstrative but I don't think he felt the need to bang on about it. I don't recall ever seeing him angry with people – situations, injustice, yes - but not people or his life. I hope that as a group of friends we have the chance to get know Sara and their child and bore his son or daughter with stories about their father.
My thoughts about his death are entirely selfish – that I'll never again get his call saying he's 5 minutes away; that I will never be able to show my daughter Anton in his home country – something we had talked about just days before he died, that his mad ideas, laugh and boyish grin will never light up my life again.
But as Anton would himself, have pointed out, we had some fun along the way. At least I have had these things to miss. He was unique, he was Anton, he was my friend.
  From: joanne Brooker 11/25/2009  
  From: Mário Teixeira 11/25/2009  

I've meet Anton at Lisbon. I never forget the smile on Anton's face. We have share some African histories. From the desert to the bush. And also speak about human nature and wildlife.

I'm sure he his travelling around Africa with his good and clean soul, smiling to the wildlife and to the people he loves. 

To him and his family i share this poem of a very special man from my desert, the Sahara desert:


Life is a combination
Of tears and smiles
Everyone should follow
Their own route
If a man has no eyes
Another can see
If a man has no feet
Another can walk

Ali Farka Touré 


I'm sure we will meet again in Africa. 

From a friend,

Mário Teixeira

  From: annabel salomonsz (nee Swales) 11/25/2009  

To Tim and Trish - I met Anton only very briefly at Ed's wedding and although brief he made a big impression on me.  I also remember how fond of Anton my father, Wandy, was.  He spoke highly of Anton and judging by the tributes I think they were not unalike! But more than anything I feel, as a fellow-parent, the need to say that at this appalling time of grief I stand shoulder to shoulder with you along with many others of that I am sure.  I pray that through the coming months and years you will allow yourselves to be somewhat carried by others.  What an amazing man your son was but most of all he was your son.  May you gather strength from his strength and find real joy in the small things of life once again.

Rest well Anton       

  From: David 11/25/2009  

Dear Anton,

Quite simply you are the most amazing, awe inspiring person i have ever met and i think i ever will meet. From the 2 weeks that i spent with you i learnt so much and have been inspired to do almost too much. Life is to short for one man so you must enjoy every day as if it were your last. Another amazing thing about you is that you have an impact on everyone you meet, because everyone that knows you praises you and only has good things to say. You have touched the hearts of us all and i will never forget you. I am so glad i met you and one day I hope that we can meet again. But until then good bye and thank you



  From: John Clune 11/27/2009  


I worked alongside Anton in Baghdad - a very inspirational guy. To the Turner family, I am very sorry for your loss

God Bless



  From: Fi Cresswell 11/27/2009  


I hope I’m not breaking any rules writing on here twice. I doubt anything associated with Anton would have any strict rules attached.

My earlier frustrations at elephants was just shock as I realise the pressures they face and that we were indeed walking along their ancient trails. I just desperately wish they could have recognised Anton as one of their kin – someone who was at peace in the wilderness, equally strong and gentle. But I know all the collective wishing in the world won’t change what is. All we can do is accept and move forward with Anton in our hearts. Be as he was – be joyful, be in the moment, be generous, be self aware, dream our wildest dreams (and make them happen), treat all beings as equals, laugh, celebrate in nature, taste all the delights the world has to offer, respect our bodies, put love into all we do, inspire, leap into water at any opportunity (preferably naked), laugh some more, gaze at the stars and smile when we think of him.

  From: Duncan Spinner 11/27/2009  

I last saw Anton in Iraq.   We had diverged considerably, I was commanding an Iraqi battalion, Anton was commanding a journalist from the BBC.   We hadn't seen each other for 12 years, but it was instantaneous recognition and we had a great hour reminiscing.

He gave me food for thought, as I was struggling with conforming to the expectations of the army, and he set me off thinking about another road, which I am now on.

Thank you Anton.

  From: Jill Paris 11/29/2009  

Mpendwa wangu Anton,

Unaweza kuwa umetoweka katika dunia hii, lakini jua kwamba utaendelea kuwa ndani ya moyo wangu daima. Nitakapokuwa nikikukumbuka nitatazama nyota angani kuona moto wako ukiwaka na kung’ara kuliko yote huko mbinguni.

Hakuna shaka umewajaza furaha malaika wote huko juu, na wote wanafaraja kuwa na wewe huko, kama ulivyopendwa hapa duniani.

Nashukuru kwa kunikaribisha na kushirikiana nami katika himaya yako ya Lukula Selous, Na ahidi kufanya kila linalowezekana ili mwisho wa siku ujivunie kile ninachokifanya.

Nitaendelea kuishi katika upendo uliouona kwangu na kuelekeza juhudi zangu zote na mapenzi katika uandishi wa masuala mbali mbali ya safari.

Ubarikiwe, Anton. Ubarikiwe.

Upendo daima,


  From: Amanda Gibson 11/29/2009  

I have known the Turner family for a long time, but never really known them.  The time that I spent with them on and off over the years were always more than interesting.   They are a kind, loving and immensely wonderful family people.  They always made me feel very welcome.  Anton was an enigma, could engage anyone of any age and education, a great quality in a human.  I am truely at a loss as to what to say.  I too was trawling facebook this rainy afternoon and searched for Georgie with whom I have had on and off contact over the years and sent her a message.  Minutes later her message popped up with such news.  My regard for her and her family has always been high and I send my love to them all.

"The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the Courage of a final moment: but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy" (John F Kennedy)

  From: nigel jeffries 12/2/2009  


The call I got today has just left me in great shock after hearing the loss of Anton.
I am deeply saddened and my thoughts are with you all. May you have the strenght in keeping his memory and dreams alive.
  From: Shelley Thakral 12/2/2009  


Dear Sara, Tim, Patricia, Georgina and Darren, 

Anton and I became friends while working in Baghdad in 2004. Today my heart goes out to each one of you as I know how much you must be missing him and how much he loved you - his family. 

I wanted to share with you some of my lasting memories of Anton and it will always be his love for Africa, meeting new people, learning new experiences, cooking and doing good in the world. I remember him telling me when he first got to Tanzania in 2005 how excited he was about working with the one of the very best hunting companies and how much he was looking forward to the bush and hunting. 

He loved the hard work, because the rewards for him were fantastic fun and he often told me about how the beauty of it all was that he was able to operate and see areas of Africa which are still as they were, especially in and around the Selous and Southern areas of Tanzania.  

Anton saw his life and experience as a privilege and one he totally loved and relished. 

Anton visited me when I was posted to India in 2004 and like me he was totally blown away by the richness of the country. He told me about when he was a small child he remembered being taken by Patricia to do antique shopping in the Chor bizarre in Mumbai. He remembered getting an old brass telescope and compass which he kept for many years until they were unfortunately stolen. He had wanted to get hold of one again and a sextant and learn to use it properly, even though he already knew the principles of the theory.  

I hope he did find one again so that he could make those journeys into remote areas and cross areas of land and sea, as people did centuries before not using all the high tech stuff. He would say; ‘’Forget your GPS and other gizmos and get back to the way that it was done for centuries, through intimate knowledge and awareness of our natural environment’’. 

Anton if you can see us today from your telescope, wherever you are; please know how much you have touched our lives and how much you will be missed. And in your words, Salaams my friend. 


  From: MYRIAM WAMBACQ 12/2/2009  


Anton will always be remembered by us as a person who didn’t like the gatherings like Indaba, WTM and the lot, but while being there, who still managed to instil a desire to visit Selous and to pass on his enthusiasm for this project . He was a person who belonged to the bush, to nature and to the animals. He went too early, but we guess he wouldn’t have wanted any other way to part with Mother Earth. Whenever Selous will come to mind, Anton will too. He will live forever in our thoughts as the proud man who gave it his all for nature conservation and the animals. We sincerely hope you find the strength to cope with him no longer being around. Let his legacy be your beacon of hope and recovery from your terrible loss.
Warm regards,
Myriam Wambacq, the Greenhaven team and our clients
  From: David Brogan 12/3/2009  

I have only just heard the terrible news and my deepest condolences go out to his family.

Anton was one of those great characters in life and he undoubtedly touched all those who met him. He lived life to the full and was always true to his beliefs and values, bringing a refreshing element of independance and free spirit to his time in the Army.

He will be greatly missed.

  From: Ali 12/4/2009  


its been a while now but my memories of what you helped me to achieve, enjoy and experience in africa seem like just yesterday. I am forever greatful for everything you've done for me, the group and everyone you have influenced with your incredible ways. You are an amazing person, you have achieved more than most of us could ever hope to achieve and you have me to see what life can provide if , like you, you are brave enough to take it. Your life was amazing. Thank You for the memories. You are missed.

  From: Daniel Wright 12/4/2009  

Dearest Anton,

I have sat and pondered for days and nights to know how to express my feelings and emotions in words that would be so fitting for someone who has touched so many hearts over a wonderful, short lived life of epic adventures worldwide.

The void that has been left will be forever felt, but the memories will get stronger and smiles will be shared. I know that you will always be with us, in everything that we do as a family and we will strive to make you proud of us.

You have given so much support and love and I am honoured to call you my brother.

Every day that goes by, you will be celebrated and the memories will live on always.

I miss you Anton

Your forever loving Brother

Dan xx

  From: James 12/8/2009  

In the relatiively short time that I spent with Anton I feel that we got to know one another well. WhenI first saw him I was amazed to see this unconventional man in traditional clothing wearing a kokoi and beeds from India. This set the tone for the Anton I  came to know. He was unique,a man of bravery, courage land laughter. A man with a permanent smile on him at all times; even when the conditions felt realy bad he would see the best;  he taught us to live life to the full. In that short time he taught me a vast amount, for this I am eternally grateful.

He truly was the star in his own show. I will reminise  these days when I was blessed with his presence because these were the BEST days of my life. 

A great thank you to Anton for showing me what life is all about. When I run I feel a power behind me pushing me on. Anton has given me a new view and approach to life, one for the better. The times we shared together I will never forget. My lasting memory of Anton is him on the dhow talking about home; his smile is in my head when ever I think of him, this image with his trade mark smile written all over his face.

Thank you Anton I wil not forget you.

James McKenzie 


  From: Barry Quinn 12/9/2009  

I remember Anton from the 4 RTR mess in Osnabruck after he joined from Sandhurst always polite and respectful a real nice guy. I was the grumpy old Quartermaster living in with the young officers of the 4th but actually it was a lot of fun and Anton contributed to the mess antics. Tim and Tricia will no doubt recall this from the time they came to stay. I didn't know him as well as others who have written here and shared his amazing adventures but Anton was a smashing lad of whom any parent would be justly proud. He will be missed by us all.

Just so sad that it was a fulfilling life tragically cut short.

My thoughts are with you all


  From: Georgina Turner 12/18/2009  

Anton my darling darling Brother

I am here with You

You are not alone

I Love You


  From: Abdulkareem Al Ghulaigah & the Family, Saudi Arabi 12/21/2009  

Dear Tim , Tricia , and all the family,

I'm really sorry to hear this news.
I'm sure a person like Anton is a great guy; I read the words written to him and to his great family and it shows that even if Anton not with them now but he makes them very special and make them proud of him even after moving from home.
I never met Anton but I heard about him always good.
All my feeling with the great family hopes to be strong and proud of your great man.
Tim, I knew you a good person helping everyone and supporting your friends always, also you are a strong person to support the nice Mother forever.
Wish you all the best.
  From: Howard Clark 12/29/2009  

Dear Tim and Trish,

I have just received your shocking news. Compared with your loss all our own troubles are nothing.

I remember Anton as a baby in Hohne and have not seen him since but have followed his career since then through you, Tim.

I am so sorry.


  From: Frankie Caldwell 1/6/2010  


Dear Tim and Tricia,
It is with much sadness that I hear of the tragic news of Anton’s death on the 4RTR website.  I had the pleasure of serving with Anton in the 4th Royal Tank Regiment, and although it was only for a short period of time I have fond memories and talk of him as though it was much longer.  I still recall with a huge smile the night he was taken away by the Polish Police whilst adventure drinking in Eastern Europe visiting concentration camps in the early 90’s. It took around five hours to locate him and set him free, and then  Rab Livingstone, Anton and I drinking through the night and laughing about it.
I am leaving the army now after 27yrs service and until reading the tributes to Anton thought that I had quite an eventful life, now I know that there is so much more to life, if only more of us just got off our backsides and gave it a try just like Anton.
Tim, Tricia and all of the Turner family although very sad at the loss of Anton must be very proud of him; I know I have been privileged to have known and spent some time with him.
Fear Naught
Frankie Caldwell   
  From: Rab Livingstone 1/6/2010  

Tim & Tricia,

                          I echo Frankie's comments, I served with Anton as soon as he arrived in 4RTR. The Poland story as told by Frankie was really a great time and we all laughed our way around Europe during that trip. It has been around 15 years since I last met him in the middle of Salisbury Plain when one afternoon a soldier walked up to my tank. As I looked down at that dirty faced Infantry Officer I realised that it was Anton, needless to say I did give him a hard time for being now an Infantry Officer, all he did was laugh and jump up onto the tank and have a brew....we talked over old times said bye and then he disappeared back into the woods where he came from. That was the last time we met......

RIP Anton and Fear Naught

Rab Livingstone ... Major,  1st Royal Tank Regiment

  From: Kieran Conlon 1/27/2010  

Dear Tim and Tricia,

I heard the terrible news of Anton's death just a couple of days ago and I can only offer sympathies to you and the rest of your family.


I only knew Anton for a few years when we were kids in Dubai.  My main recollection was of my cheeky mate who always had new ways of getting us in to mischief.

Anton was always up for a competition even in the most trivial things, from who could stand the longest while bare-foot on the hot tarmac, or who could run the fastest between our villas - the chosen route being on top of the garden walls, to who dared jump off the villa roof to the sand below.


I don't think Anton backed away from any test or challenge - head long in to pretty much everything!


Last year, after nearly a 30-year gap, I managed to get back in touch with Anton (via FaceBook) and although we only exchanged a couple of mails, I was intrigued to read about Anton and his work.  It's obvious that his energy and determination carried on into his working life.


My thoughts are with you.

Kieran Conlon

  From: Zahida 2/10/2010  


Dear friend,

we will keep you in our hearts and our minds and the memories about you will never fade away.

Deepest sympathy to all members of the family.

  From: Siân 3/27/2010  

Today is Anton's Memorial Service and I am so sorry I am not able to be there.  I was thinking of him and in the days when I must overcome a hardship I will think of his attitude to life. I take inspiration from his ability to make the most out of life everyday. I will never forget the feeling when I found out it was his dhow we were sailing - I felt so privileged even though I also felt so sick as the waves were very big! Thinking of his family & friends and saving my memories of my time with Anton. Siân

  From: IRENE GRILO 4/2/2010  

Dear Anton,

Hi there you!

Thank you, so much, for the communication. Loved it! Your humour ever so present and your concern with others as well.

So happy to have the assurance that you are well and that now you have "the best of both worlds": bush and sea.

Your message will be passed on.

Love you forever, beloved one.

With my love, friendship, care and brotherhood, forever, yours,


  From: IRENE GRILO 4/15/2010  

Dear Anton,

Today, 15th April, we celebrate the day you were born to this Earth, and we were all able to share you and to know you.

We thank you Parents and Congratulate them on this Dear and Wonderful creature that is Their Son forever and Always.

With all our love,


Irene & Jeroen

  From: Andrew Scott 9/16/2010  

 Its with great sadness that i read tonight of Antons death. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Tanzania in 2006 with Anton as the PH and and mself observing the essence of Africa through big game hunting. A few years later i read Anton was working in Selous leading small groups on photographic safaris, an adventure i hoped to do one day with Anton as my guide. I remembered him saying in true colonial spirit as we looked over the endless plains.

"miles and miles of bloody Africa" 

The memories of that Africa will last a lifetime thanks to Anton .

Andrew Scott 


  From: David, Emma & Tilly Cullen 10/30/2010  

Our thoughts are with you Mr T and all those who knew you. One year on but your memory burns as brightly as your life. We are sure Ana will come to know the man you were.

  From: Caitlin Lepper 10/30/2010  

One year has passed and you remain so vividly in my memory. You are spoken of often. Even serenaded at one point. Everyone grins when they hear your name. You are missed, loved in passing as much as in living.

  From: Irene Grilo 10/30/2010  

To Tim, Trish, Georgie and all Loved ones, I wish you much strength and courage to carry on without the physical presence of our beloved Anton. To you as well, Ryan Wienand.

To Ana Mia, I wish and will do my utmost so that you know what a Dad you have.

And to you dearest and beloved Anton, well, we do have our chit chats once and a while and you know that you are so much loved and missed, and will forever be. Until we meet again.

Talk soon?

Love from Jerome as well. Yours, Irene



  From: owain bates 3/13/2011  

i have recently seen that TV program, and i was shocked at the accident.

Anton was a very brave man, and we should all be very proud of him. He died protecting others, and i am certain he will have eternal happiness in heaven.

  From: Hannah 3/15/2011  

just watched the programme and it was amazing he must have been such a brave and  couragous man RIP x

  From: Samantha Tolchard 3/20/2011  

Dear Tim, Tricia and Georgina...


Anton is always in our thoughts. 

We talk fondly of Anton and the times shared in Cornwall often.  I watched the series with my husband Ian and son Miles and shared memories of BBQ's at Darracott and fishing the ponds of Porkellis.  I told them of Antons bravery and spirit and went through old photographs of us all! 

Mum and Dad send their love.  We all feel very honoured to have known Anton and will always remember him.

Love from


Samantha (Mildren) Tolchard and famlily.

  From: Irene Grilo 4/14/2011  

Dear Anton,

Today, 15th April, we celebrate the day you were born to this Earth, and we were all able to know you and to share you.

We thank your Parents and Congratulate them on this Dear and Wonderful creature that is Their Son forever and Always.

To Georgie & Children, we also send our love, strength and courage.

Think of you so, so often...

With all our love,


Irene & Jeroen


  From: Jill Paris 4/15/2011  


Kheri ya Kuzaliwa...

Upenda daima,




  From: Irene Grilo 9/16/2011  

Hi there beloved Anton,

Thinking so much of you lately, as I'm missing the bush, so terribly lately. It makes missing you more.

With all my love, always

  From: Steven M. Roskelly 10/5/2011  

 To: The Family of Anton Turner

I return to Tanzania on safari often and Anton comes up in my mind everytime I return to her beautiful and wild places. I had occasion to meet Anton only once at the Travel Indaba in South Africa a few years ago, a place I think many of us 'bushmen' would really rather not be!! Having tasted Selous personally just recently before then and heard of Lukula Selous and Anton, we wanted to meet up and chat. That we did and conversation amongst naturalists naturally drifts to wildlife & wilderness, and his passion for it was as clear as a mountain stream: full of life, strength, movement, freshness and hope. He made an impression on me and took the time to listen to our story. The news of his passing was shocking and sad; it seems he gave so much to wildlife and to people around him in so many ways.

The Earth has taken one of her best sons back, thank you for letting him touch so many and letting him be one of our collective voices for the wilds: Famba Kahle mfo!

  From: Irene Grilo 10/29/2011  

Beloved Anton,

Hi there you! So......today it's 2 years that you departed and left a huge void in our lives... on all of us who were priviliged to share unique and unforgetable moments with you, out there in the wildest place of Africa.

To Trish, Tim, Georgie and children, I wish you much strength in carrying on Anton's legacy to the world. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to live without his physical presence, but I hope that, by knowing that Anton lives within us and in our hearts, helps you in somehow.

To Ana Mia, soon you will be able to learn what a man your Dad is, and I will certainly be one to tell you many stories about him....

To Ryan Wienand, I know of your pain, and your loss is of a dear Brother. You are always in my thoughts, you know that.

And to dearest Anton......Love you forever and ever........

See you.



  From: Caitlin Lepper Carte 11/1/2011  

 We miss you, Anton. Your spirit guides many. Love above. Caitlin 

  From: Jill Paris 11/2/2011  

Yes, I remembered you on the 30th...how could I forget. I searched the sky and lo, there was what  I call "Anton's Moon" the silent sliver.  But I didn't need a sliver to remind me of you.  You are always there.  So, I want to tell you....I am going back to Dar...i will come and write about it....more later.... xoxo  I think about you like crazy...but I think you know that. xoxo


  From: Jill Paris 11/2/2011  

I know I'm late...but then again, so were you.  Bless you, sugarpie.  xoxo

  From: Saskia Bali 3/15/2012  

 I keep looking at the photos of all the family together, wishing I could go back to the time it was taken..Never thought you would leave us so soon, it hurts knowing you're never coming back, but i know that whenever i'm lonely, I can look up to the sky and see your beautiful face smiling down at me, and everything will be okay. It's been a while now since you left us, but i still can't get over the fact you're gone forever.. I know that tears can't bring you back, in fact nothing can, because I've tried it.. But I will always love you, and miss you. From this day forward, until we meet again. R.I.P. Uncle Anton, sleep tight angel, Always in my heart.xxxxxx

  From: Irene Grilo 4/15/2012  

 Thinking of you on your Birthday!!!

Miss you lots....love you forever....

How did you find Gorongosa?



  From: Tim turner 4/15/2012  

 Anton, never a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts - today more so. We love you and oh how we miss you -  but we know that you are watching over us. All our love Son, your bing Mum and Dad. We raise a glass to you today xxxxx

  From: Tim Turner 4/15/2012  

 Just reread what I wrote - Damn your old Dad can't spell - but then nor can you!!!

What a lovely message from Sassie.

  From: Irene Grilo 6/22/2012  

Hi there beloved Anton,

Needed to say a written HI......though times, rough seas and storms......need the strentgh, courage and dignity of the mighty Buffalo and the Lion!!!

........thank you again for the 9th May.

Love and miss you forever.




  From: Claudia Hines 7/23/2012  

 Hello you!

Been thinking about you a lot these past few days, got a lot to tell you and really this is the only place i can speak to you apart from the recent dreams i have been having.

Im nearly 18! getting older and older, no longer a small girl that can climb up your back like i used too when i was younger! I now can drive, passed my test with only one fault, still remember how you let me drive the old VW with out granny and grampar knowing and driving over to Hereford playing our favoute song! Iv finished school now and starting college in september, im a bit scared but i know i will do fine! Planning on going in to the army when im older, like the look of flying a jet plane or just bossing people about!

iv felt a bit lonely recently, dont know why...even one here misses you a lot and we know you miss us, just wish you could be here, theirs days when i think oh wish i could tell uncle Anton this and that but i know you can see everything that is happening :)

Mothers still mother looking after us like she always does, she misses you a lot even though she hides it i can tell..

Dont worry im looking after granny and grampar just like youd want me too, they miss you even more!

see you soon, hopefully.

miss you more than ever, Claudia x


  From: Laura 8/14/2012  

Dear Anton

Have just watched your expidition episode on CBBC (14th August 2012). Would just like you to know that you are such an inspiration to everybody and will be sorely missed.

  From: Pete Richards 10/25/2012  


I only knew briefly; Christmas 1989 in Dubai.  i was madly in love with your sister Georgie but what I remember most are the days you took me out to the desert with one of your mates in one of your dad's landrovers for a few days.  Today, 23 years later as I contamplated the death of my favourite dog who will die tomorrow and my father who died 12 years ago on this day, I thought of my past and those few days in Dubai came to mind as one of the happiest in my life so I Googled you and found this devastating news.  You have left an imprint on my life that I will pass on to my childen and I pass on my best wishes to your family for this dreadful loss.


Pete xxx

  From: Mum and Dad 10/29/2012  

Son - not a day goes by in the last three years that you are not in our thoughts. You have left us, but the memories of you, wonderful memories, never will. Today our thoughts will be with Sara and Ana Mia as they sail with friends in a dhow in memory of you. We cannot physically be there, but you know how we care.

We miss you so much Son. Our pride in you grows with every passing day.

We love you.

Mum and Dad

  From: Ed Swales 10/30/2012  

Forever in our thoughts, especially today. The best of men and the best of friends. Sorely missed mate, Till next time, glasses raised in your direction, Salaams,Ed


  From: Fi 10/30/2012  

 As this tribute page testifies you are utterly impossible to forget! You are still a big part of our lives even though you're off entertaining people in another world. Lucky lucky people x

  From: Debbie 11/6/2012  


I know we never  met but I feel our lives have been intertwined through Georgie, Dan and the kids.

I sit here writing this after speaking to Claudia. You would be so proud of not only her but Sassie and Caius too. They have grown into wonderful young people who I cherish with every breath I take.

I just wanted to let you know that i promise to take care of them and Georgie.

Forever in our thoughts

A true hero


(Dan's Sister)

  From: Heather Jayne Turner 11/13/2012  

Dear Anton

What an honour in receiving the Queens Gallantry Medal - We are so proud of you and think of you always - in our hearts and minds forever...

And to Tim, Tricia, Georgie and Family - our warm thoughts are with you now and always at this honourable time - a mixture of sadness and happiness in celebrating the bravery of a wonderful man - son, brother, uncle, father, cousin and friend. Lots of love Heather and Sienna xx

  From: Irene Grilo 11/20/2012  

Beloved Anton,

So proud for your Family on your new award of Bravery.

Brave you are; Beautiful you are; Special you are; and Forever loved and Missed you Are.

See you soon and keep in touch.

My love, always, yours,



  From: Irene Grilo 4/14/2013  

Hi there you....

One more year and its your birthday....you may not be phisycaly present, but you are present, nevertheless.

So, here's celebrating your Life, your Love, YOU.... miss you much, but we get to have our talks, which are so fantastic. We will get another "ride" in the bush one day, and in the Indian Ocean.

What else to tell you that you don't know? Nothing....so, just pass by to say I love you much, miss you much and you live forever. So proud of you.

Love you forever and always,



  From: Irene Grilo 8/26/2013  
  From: Irene Grilo 8/26/2013  
  From: tim turner 10/29/2013  

 Tomorrow, 30th October 2013, will be the fourth anniversary of your leaving us Son, however not a day passes when you are not in our thoughts. Continue your rest in peace and lo oking after us as we know you are. We miss you so much. Being back in Africa has brought the memory of you so much closer to us.

Your loving Mum and Dad

  From: tim turner 10/29/2013  

 Tomorrow, 30th October 2013, will be the fourth anniversary of your leaving us Son, however not a day passes when you are not in our thoughts. Continue your rest in peace and lo oking after us as we know you are. We miss you so much. Being back in Africa has brought the memory of you so much closer to us.

Your loving Mum and Dad

  From: Irene Grilo 10/29/2013  

 Beloved Anton,

Today, it's four years that you passed over. How time flies so quickly!

Here I am, as always, saluting you as you know that I you are always in my mind and heart.

So happy that now you have the best of both worlds: Bush & Sea.

You shall never ever be forgotten and will forever live in us, all who loves you.

Love is eternal and never dies...

Chat soon?


With Love & Light,



  From: Irene Grilo 4/15/2014  
Dearest Anton, Here I am celebrating the day you were born into this planet and we could all share you. You are loved, missed and forever in my heart. Enjoy the best of both worlds (bush & sea) All my love
  From: Clauia Hines 10/30/2014  
5 years ago you were taken from us, not in a million years would we of though of loosing you, you are missed greatly everyday of every month of every year, some people say that with time you will heal but I know you are always here you haven't gone away you are walking beside us everyday, unseen or unheard you are always near…I know I will see you one day and I know that every night it's you that shines down on us in the starry night sky..missing you lots uncle Anton.